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Montgomery Cemetery









Drusilla Cochran Sheldon, the energetic and forceful lady behind this project, passed away 20 July 2012 in Corpus Christi, TX.  We are so saddened to lose her, but so very thankful to have known her and been inspired by her.  Click here for her obituary.



The cemetery is on the former homesite of McGrady and Minerva (Lucas) Montgomery, near the old town of Sempronius in Austin County, Texas.  McGrady fought in the Battle of San Jacinto and served in the Texas Army for several months following the war.  He returned to his home in Gibson County, Indiana, married and had five of his six children, before returning to Texas in 1852, bringing his wife, his children and his parents, Isaac and Martha (McClure) Montgomery.


The Dedication Ceremony was held on Saturday, 15 September 2007 at 2 pm with at least 94 in attendance.  We had great weather.  Troy and Merlene Byler did a fantastic job of preparing the place for the dedication ceremony.  Drusilla Cochran Sheldon conducted a very impressive ceremony.


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Brief History of the Land:

In December 1852, McGrady Montgomery bought 271 acres from N.W. Bush and wife Judith A. Bush for $1900.00 as part of the “league of lands granted to James Steefshinsen [Stephenson].”  The last sentence in the deed specifies “It’s expressly understood that fifty feet including the burying ground each way is Reserved to the Said Bush & unsold.”  In 1895, after the deaths of McGrady and Minerva Montgomery, their son Fielding Lucas Montgomery sold the land to John Berger for $2695.00, describing it in the deed as 269-1/2 acres being “a portion of my parents old homestead...and also being a portion of the old N.W. Bush homestead...of (1) acre is hereby reserved from this sale to be located so as to include the old family graveyard.”  In 1933, Malinda Berger sold the same tract to Fritz Kramer.  In 2002, Johnnie E. and Lillie Mae Kramer sold 45.793 acres of that tract to W.T. Byler, designated as including “an old family graveyard.”


The cemetery is located at 30° 03’ 34” N and 96° 16’ 45” W.  [slight change made 10/5/2015]


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Military and Public Service of the Interred:

Several individuals buried here are known to have served in Military or Public Service.

    *Isaac Montgomery – Veteran of War of 1812

    *McGrady Montgomery – Veteran of Texas Revolutionary War

  **James Waddie Crump – Veteran of the Confederacy

    *Judith A. (Thacker) Bush – Citizen of the Republic of Texas

    *Robert Brice McNutt – Citizen of the Republic of Texas

    *Malinda (Collins) Cochran – Citizen of the Republic of Texas

     John Q. Wallis – first Mayor of Chappell Hill (1856-57)

     Nathaniel Richardson Crump – fourth Mayor of Chappell Hill (1859-61)

Also memorialized here are two brothers of James Waddie Crump:

   **William H. Crump – Veteran of the Confederacy, who died and was buried in Houston in 1862.

   **George P. Crump – Veteran of the Confederacy, who was buried in Lavaca County.


    * = gravemarker medallion commemorating service

   ** = Confederate gravestone commemorating service


Historic Designation:

The Texas Historical Commission has designated the cemetery as an Historic Texas Cemetery.


Recent History of the Principal Marker:

A four-sided spire shaped marker (obelisk) was originally erected here for McGrady, Minerva, Isaac and Martha.  There was no fence around the graveyard, and cattle were knocking down, trampling and damaging the stones.  Sometime in the 1980’s Erette Reese Red, a great granddaughter of McGrady and Minerva Montgomery, had this marker moved to a farm she owned where it could be protected.  She had the marker repaired and cleaned as the top portion had been broken off (regretting that a better job of repair was not possible).  In 1996, Erette’s nephew, Jay Reese Jones, had it moved to the Masonic Cemetery in Chappell Hill, a few miles from the Montgomery Family Cemetery, in Washington County, Texas.  During the restoration of the cemetery, the repair on the obelisk was redone, and the marker was reset on its original base.  It is now the most outstanding memorial in this historic cemetery.







Restoration Effort:

On 30 June 1996, Drusilla Cochran Sheldon, a great granddaughter of McGrady and Minerva Montgomery, photographed all four sides and transcribed the inscriptions of the Montgomery obelisk, which was the beginning of several years of effort and expense in restoring the neglected Montgomery Family Cemetery.


The officers of the Montgomery-Bush Cemetery Association are:

    Drusilla Cochran Sheldon – president (click name to email)

    Robert Paxton Pinkney – vice president

    Gaye McNutt – secretary

    Curtis Thomas Cochran – treasurer

    W. T. Byler – member-at-large of executive committee

Special efforts made by:

    Mark van Hudson and Linda Reed – dedicated volunteer cemetery preservationists

        who began recovering and identifying grave markers in 2000

    W. T. Byler – present owner of the property who has supported the effort and

        provided materials and constructed the wrought iron fence around the cemetery

    Kevin McWilliams of McWilliams Monument Co. in Hempstead, Texas

        repaired, cleaned and reset the gravemarkers

    Joy Neely (of Bellville Historical Society) – assistance in application for Historic Texas Cemetery designation

Grave Marker Medallions provided by:

    Drusilla Cochran Sheldon:  Veteran of the War of 1812 – on grave of Isaac Montgomery

    Clara Driscoll Chapter of DRT:  Veteran of Texas Revolution – on grave of McGrady Montgomery

    Janet Suggs Mangin:  Citizen of Republic of Texas – on grave of Judith A. (Thacker) Bush

    Gaye McNutt:  Citizen of Republic of Texas – on grave of Robert Brice McNutt

    Irad McGrady Cochran:  Citizen of Republic of Texas – on grave of Malinda (Collins) Cochran

Confederate Gravestones (obtained by Peggy Tombs from Veterans Administration):

    on grave of James Waddie Crump

    in remembrance of William H. Crump (buried in inaccessible cemetery)

    in remembrance of George Patrick Crump (buried in cemetery easily accessible to vandals)

Monetary contributions:

    Montgomery – Cochran (Nehemiah) Family: 

        Curtis Thomas Cochran, Florene Cochran Trust Fund, Dr. Irad McGrady Cochran, James Murphy Cochran,

        John Fielding Cochran Jr. Trust Fund, Susan Sheldon Crysler, Jack Clifton Jordan, Rev. Cathy Cochran Mordicai,

        Mary White Peticolas, Drusilla Chase Sheldon, Drusilla Cochran Sheldon, Joan Cochran Terrell, Bradley Rhodes Gifford

        grandchildren & great grandchildren of John Fielding Cochran Sr.

    Montgomery – Crump Family:

        Kathy Copeland, J. Ford Griggs, Elizabeth Morris, Peggy Tombs, William Lucas Crump Jr.

    Montgomery – Reese Family:

        Pat Tottenham Johnson, Kathyrine Reese Jones, Kathyrine Jones Simank

    Bush Family (Taglioni Cochran):

        John Bush, Julia Suggs Cazayous, Eula Bush Chance, Claudia Heidbreder, Loma Chance Hobson, Janet Mangin,

        Kenneth Mann Jr., Robert Paxton Pinckney, Becky McDonald Walenciak

    Collins Family (Taglioni Cochran):

        Annabel Clemons Crow

    McNutt Family:

        Frank Andrew Klahn, Gaye McNutt, Tom C. McNutt, Connie McNutt Stone, Linda Sue McNutt Wyatt


    Clara Driscoll Chapter of DRT








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     Click on pictures below to see larger ones





Montgomery, Isaac marker


In Memory of




Oct. 25



July 15,


Aged 84 Yrs, 9

M’s, 20 D’s




Montgomery, Martha gravemarker


In Memory of




Sept. 10



Oct. 10


Aged 87 Yrs, 1 Mo.





Montgomery, McGrady gravemarker


In Memory of




May 23



Sept. 19


Aged 66 Yrs, 3

M’s, 26 D’s




Montgomery, Minerva gravemarker


In Memory of




Aug. 10



Feb. 17,


Aged 60 Yrs, 6 M’s, 7 D’s




Montgomery, Isaac footstone



Isaac Montgomery

father of McGrady

26 Oct 1776 – 15 Jul 1861



Montgomery, Minerva footstone



Minerva (Lucas) Montgomery

wife of McGrady

10 Aug 1822 – 17 Feb 1883



Montgomery, McGrady footstone



McGrady Montgomery

23 May 1812 – 19 Sep 1878



Montgomery, Martha footstone



Martha (McClure) Montgomery

wife of Isaac

10 Sep 1780 – 10 Oct 1867



Bush, Judith tombstone

Judith A., Wife of N.W. Bush

Born in Virginia Feb 15, 1813

Departed this life Jan 10, 1861


Judith (Thacker) Bush

Her husband, Nathan W. Bush, is buried in the Cochran Cemetery, Buckhorn, Austin Co, Texas.

Judith and Nathan’s son, George Howard Bush, married Tagiloni Cochran, a sister of Nehemiah Cochran (husband of Florence Montgomery).



Bush, Zillah headstone

Zillah N., Wife of W.T. Bush

11 Aug 1820 – 21 Aug 1857

Zillah N. Sherrill married William Tandy Bush,

a brother of Nathan W. Bush and Eustatia A. Bush



Pearson, Eustatia headstone

Eustatia A., Wife of W.H. Pearson

Born Oct 1, 1826

Departed this life Aug 29, 1850

Eustatia A. Bush, sister of Nathan W., William Tandy, and Elizabeth Bush,  married W.H. Pearson (who was listed in the 1860 census for the Buckhorn Precinct on pg 27 as “Pierson”, Planter, age 42, born in Tenn).



McNutt, Sarah tombstone 2

Sarah J. McNutt

Born April 10, 1850

Died Jan 10, 1863

Sarah J. McNutt, daughter of R.B. McNutt

Fatally burned while standing in front of open fire.



McNutt, Sarah footstone



Sarah J. McNutt



McNutt, RB tombstone

R.B. McNutt

Born Feb 3, 1826

Departed this life July 11, 1860

Aged 34 yrs. 5 mos. 8 days

Robert Brice McNutt married Elizabeth Bush,

 sister of Nathan W. Bush.

McNutt family – pioneer settlers in Buckhorn area

 per “Record of Southwest Texas” pg. 566



Footstone RBM



Robert Brice McNutt



Bell, Eddie and Frankie tombstone

Table Top Slab:

In Memory of


who died Oct 24th

Aged 7 days


who died Dec 30th

Aged 1 yrs. & 7 mos.


Daughter and Son of

W.W. and A.M. Bell

Oh! Strangers, pity us

For we loved them.

Father & Mother







(headstone missing, but base located)

Jonathan Q. Wallis

Listed on the 1850 Austin County census mortality schedule as died Nov 1850 of yellow fever.

Age 30, born KY

“Cemeteries of Austin County” has death as 1859.



McNutt, Mary Frances tombstone

In Memory of

Mary Frances

Wife of John McNeese

Died Apr 10, 1864

Age 26 yrs. 1 mo. 28 ds.

Mary Frances Collins married first John Q. Wallis

  and second John L. McNeese on 6 May 1863




Mary Frances, John Howard and Malinda are children of John W. Collins and Malinda (Bush) Collins



Collins, John H stones

John H. Collins

Born Feb 26, 1849

Died Sept 12, 1871

Aged 22 Y, 7 M, 14 D




John Howard Collins,

first husband of Taglioni Cochran,

sister of Nehemiah Cochran.

Taglioni m(2) George Howard Bush,

son of Nathan A. Bush

 and Judith A. (Thacker) Bush



Cochran, Malinda headstone

In memory of


Wife of

N. Cochran


Nov. 15, 1869,


24 Yrs. 1 mo & 10 ds.

Malinda (Collins) Cochran

first wife of Nehemiah Cochran



Cochran, Malinda footstone



Malinda (Collins) Cochran



Cochran, Sarah Lue tombstone

Gone Home

Sarah Lue,

Dau. Of

N & F Cochran


May 27, 1881

Died Nov 20, 1881

Sleep on sweet Daughter

And take this rest.

God called thee home,

He thought it best.

Daughter of Nehemiah Cochran

 and Florence (Montgomery) Cochran

Granddaughter of McGrady Montgomery

 and Minerva (Lucas) Montgomery



Collins, John P footstone



John Price Collins

son of Kinchen Collins

 and Mary (Cochran) Collins




Two grave markers of fieldstone encased in cement and one of soft cement were uncovered in close proximity to each other in 2002 by Mark vanHudson.  All markings have disappeared.  These are presumed to be the markers for three individuals who family members reported as having been buried in the family graveyard on the Montgomery farm.





Nathaniel Richardson Crump

Born abt 1811 in Virginia

Father of James W. Crump



Harriett Ingram (Deggs) (or Diggs) Crump

Born in Virginia

Wife of Nathaniel Richardson Crump

 and mother of James W. Crump



James Waddie Crump

10 Jan 1845 – 22 Jan 1889

Husband of America Montgomery,

who was a daughter of McGrady and Minerva Montgomery



James died six weeks after the birth of a daughter, and his parents died soon after that.

America M. Crump lived until 1940, and was buried in the Oak Knoll Cemetery in Bellville, Austin Co, Texas.







Some pictures of the Montgomery Family Cemetery site before restoration




Montgomery Cemetery pre restoration 2




Montgomery Cemetery pre restoration 4




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