Montgomery-Bush Cemetery Dedication Ceremony

15 September 2007


Each picture is identified with a number in the lower left corner.

The pictures identified with only a number were contributed by Luke Crump.

The pictures identified with EM were contributed by Liz Morris.

The pictures identified with DL were contributed by Dale Langston.


We have a larger (more pixels) size of the photo uploaded for pictures from Luke Crump and from Dale Langston. 

To get the larger pictures (which are more suitable for printing):

   1.  left click on the photo shown below, and the larger picture (a JPG file) will come up in a new window on your browser.

   2.  right click on the larger picture, and you will be given choices of action from which you may choose to save the picture to your own hard drive or to print the picture to your printer.

   3.  close the browser window that has the larger picture, and you will be back to this window where you can choose another picture.


While navigating through these pictures, please be patient.  The pictures are large and will take a while to download.