M O N T G O M E R Y     C E M E T E R Y


Austin County, Texas


Ceremony of Dedication as a Historic Texas Cemetery

15 September 2007


When your children ask in time to come, "What do those stones mean to you?"

 then you shall tell them that...these stones shall be ...a memorial forever.  Joshua 4: 6a-7


            • Posting of the Colors and Pledges to the U.S. and Texas flags

                                [American Legion post 115 and VFW post 6522]


Pledge to the Texas flag, as recently amended:

Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee,

Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.


• Opening Prayer  [Rev. Cathy Cochran Mordecai]


• Introduction of officers of the Montgomery-Bush Cemetery Association

            Drusilla Cochran Sheldon – president

            Robert Paxton Pinkney – vice president

            Gaye McNutt – secretary

            Curtis Thomas Cochran – treasurer

            Troy W. Byler – member-at-large of executive committee


• Introduction of special guests

    [Please hold applause until all have been introduced.]


• Welcoming of other guests and organizations


• Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report


• History of the Land  [Dru Sheldon]

                • Introduction of persons buried and Recognition of descendants

                         [The 20 people buried here are shown in red.]


            BUSH  [Bob Pinkney]

                        Eustacia A. (Bush) Pearson [wife of W.H. Pearson]

                        Zillah N. (Sherrill) Bush [wife of William Tandy Bush]

                        Judith A. (Thacker) Bush [wife of Nathan W. Bush]


            MONTGOMERY  [Dru Sheldon]

                        Isaac Montgomery

                          Martha (McClure) Montgomery


            MONTGOMERY  [Irad McGrady Cochran]

                        McGrady Montgomery

                          Minerva (Lucas) Montgomery

                        Sarah Lue Cochran

                              [daughter of Nehemiah & Florence (Montgomery) Cochran]


            COLLINS  [Annabel Crow]

                        John Howard Collins [husband of Taglioni (Cochran) (Collins) Bush]

                        Malinda (Collins) Cochran [1st wife of Nehemiah Cochran]

                        Mary Frances (Collins) (Wallis) McNeese

                         Johnathan Q. Wallis (1st husband of Mary Frances)

                        John Price Collins


            McNUTT  [Gaye McNutt]        

                        Robert Brice McNutt [husband of Elizabeth Bush]

                        Sarah J. McNutt


            CRUMP  [Kathy Copeland]

                        Nathaniel Richardson Crump

                          Harriett Ingram (Deggs) Crump


            CRUMP  [Peggy Tombs]

                        James Waddie Crump [husband of America (Montgomery) Crump]

William H. Crump

George Patrick Crump


            BELL  [Joy Neely]

                        Eddie Bell

                        Frankie Bell


             • Recognition of certain attendees:

                         Relatives (but not descendants) of those buried here

                         Oldest living descendant

                         Youngest living descendant

                         Largest number of ancestors buried here


      • Announcements


      • Dedication and Unveiling of the Historic Texas Cemetery marker  [Grace Holtkamp]


      • Closing Prayer   [Rev. Cathy Cochran Mordecai]


      • Retire the Colors


      • Open Cemetery gates


      • Dedication and Unveiling of medallions and gravestones

            War of 1812 Veteran  [Mary Glenn and Esther Biggers, U.S. Daughters of 1812,

                                                 Texas State President and Texas State Chaplain]


            Texas Revolution Veteran  [Lois Welch, representing Clara Driscoll Chapter,

                                                                             Daughters of the Republic of Texas]

            Citizens of Republic of Texas  [Nita Wilkenson, member of Committee for Marking

                               Relics, Old Trails & Historic Sites, Daughters of the Republic of Texas]

            Confederate Veterans  [Peggy Tombs, Honorary President, Texas Division,

                                                                        United Daughters of the Confederacy]


      • Open visitation of the cemetery


Monetary Contributors:

Montgomery – Cochran (Nehemiah) Family: 

     Curtis Thomas Cochran, Florene Cochran Trust Fund, Dr. Irad McGrady Cochran,

     James Murphy Cochran, John Fielding Cochran Jr. Trust Fund, Susan Sheldon Crysler,

     Jack Clifton Jordan, Rev. Cathy Cochran Mordicai, Mary White Peticolas,

     Drusilla Chase Sheldon, Drusilla Cochran Sheldon, Joan Cochran Terrell, Bradley Rhodes Gifford,

     grandchildren & great grandchildren of John Fielding Cochran Sr.

Montgomery – Crump Family:

     Kathy Copeland, J. Ford Griggs, Elizabeth Morris, Peggy Tombs, William Lucas Crump Jr.

Montgomery – Reese Family:

     Pat Tottenham Johnson, Kathyrine Reese Jones, Kathyrine Jones Simank

Bush Family (Taglioni Cochran):

John Bush, Julia Suggs Cazayous, Eula Bush Chance, Claudia Heidbreder, Loma Chance Hobson,

Janet Mangin, Kenneth Mann Jr., Robert Paxton Pinckney, Becky McDonald Walenciak

Collins Family (Taglioni Cochran):

     Annabel Clemons Crow

McNutt Family:

     Frank Andrew Klahn, Gaye McNutt, Tom C. McNutt, Connie McNutt Stone, Linda Sue McNutt Wyatt


     Clara Driscoll Chapter of Daughters of the Republic of Texas


Your tombstone stands among the rest

Neglected and alone

The name and date are chiseled out

On polished marble stone

It reaches out to all who care

It is too late to mourn

You did not know that I exist

You died and I was born

Yet each of us are cells of you

In flesh and blood and bone

Our blood contracts and beats a pulse

Entirely not our own

Dear Ancestor, the place you filled

One hundred years ago

Spreads out among the ones you left

Who would have loved you so

I wonder if you lived and loved

I wonder if you knew

That some day I would find this spot

And come to visit you.


[Author Unknown]


Pictures and description of the cemetery (and the restoration) available on the internet